Data recovery Mac, corrupt hard drive, failed hard disk, even unreadable disks (or USB sticks and memory cards) – your data can be saved.

We have recently completely recovered data on a crashed PowerMac G3 where the controller board had failed as well as an old PowerMac G4 with a similar IDE/ATA fault. In both cases the failed hard drives were sent off to our laboratory service for complete strip and rebuild with new components in a clean environment.

We have even recovered data from a failed ATA/IDE drive in a PC. More regularly we are presented with iMacs and Apple laptops with broken or faulty hard disks. Most of these hard disk repairs are carried out in house on our recovery Mac workstation. We use various software solutions and fixes. One of our software packages is used by the FBI in America to recover deleted files from hard disks.How valuable is your data? Is it backed up and have you checked the backup is working correctly?

The loss of business critical data can be a problem but the loss of old family photographs that can’t be replaced is a disaster.

We can recover data from any Mac system in most instances. Analysis of failed hard drives is completely free and we will give you a free quotation for any Mac data recovery.