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Refurbished & pimped Macs May 2017

Refurbished & pimped Macs late May 2017 All used Macs tested & refurbed throughout. Most with added RAM, new HDs and new SSDs making the most of performance. We can also pimp your Mac for better performance & reliability. Real term speed increases of 3 to 4 times with RAM upgrades and new SSDs. Remember […]

Used 13″ MacBook Pro from £399 All sold

13″ MacBook Pro 2.26 Intel C2D, 4G RAM, 500G HD, DVD, El Capitan & assorted software £399 Mac Book Pro 13 Intel core i5, 2.4Ghz, 8Gb RAM, 240G SSD, 500G HD, manu 2012. Fully loaded with graphics, design & Office software plus OSX El Capitan. This pocket rocket MacBook Pro in excellent condition £699.

iPhone bricked error 53

Many users are experiencing error 53 on iPhone 6 & 6S iPhones. This appears to have been caused by a 3rd party repair or damage to the fingerprint/home button. There is no cure yet and Apple suggest you buy a new iPhone. Apple’s recent response: “This is a security feature to protect their clients – We […]