MacBook Pro repair. Slow running and system hiccups. Checked applications running and processor overhead to find a number of virus protection apps & utility apps were impacting performance. The newer versions of OS X Mavericks & Yosemite are having even more problems with 3rd party utilities and virus checkers. Providing you keep your OS up to date they should not be necessary. Deleted all these utilities and everything running faster now.

“If you thinks its expensive hiring a professional, wait until you try an amateur!” Rings true with a couple of recent jobs:

iMac 27” brought in after somebody offered the client a cheap HD replacement…. my cost to diagnose & fix was over £400 to replace the logic board that was shorted as a result of not working in a static protected environment.

An iPad came in a few weeks ago, not working after having a new screen fitted at a pc repair shop locally. Having paid them for the repair that failed it took us a week to source the components that were missing internally & get the iPad running properly.

MacBook repair sent to us from Hertfordshire. Main hard drive has physical damage and needs to go to laboratory for clean room recovery. New drive fitted with OS & software. Ready to ship back to client.

Another MacBook Air repair with liquid damage. Replaced keyboard. recovered data from SSD, reformatted and set up with original data & new OS. 100% data recovery & works fine now.

2 MacBook Air repairs with liquid damage. One beyond economic repair but the other had a new keyboard, data recovery & reset main drive. All data recovered and test good.

6 iPad 2s repaired – 3 new glass/digitisers, 2 new screens (LCDs) and 1 home button dock connector assembly. All turned round in a day & client delighted.

iPad 4 fitted new charging port and reset main board. Works & charges now

15″ MacBook Pro repair – running slow. Will be speeded up with upgrade of memory to 16GB and new 1TB SSD. This Mac upgrade with a good internal clean will make dramatic improvement.

13″ MacBook Pro repair – please speed up my MacBook Pro. Installed new RAM to 8GB, replaced HD with SSD, updated OS to Yosemite and cleared all junk & 3rd party utilities before migrating client data across. Running like an express train said the client.

iPad 3 broken glass and client fancies a change. New white bezel glass & home button installed replacing the old black one.