iPhone 4 refusing to boot past Apple logo then dies. Reset the firmware and installed new battery and all is well again.

iPad 2 nightmare repair. When screen was smashed it fractured some internal cables. Playing hunt the fault with a box of new parts was no fun.

27″ iMac (new super slim model)  extended repair time because faulty logic board had 2 faulty RAM sticks as well. All fixed under warranty.

External hard drive dropped. Diagnosed displaced or broken heads. Sent to specialist laboratory for strip down & rebuild in clean environment for best chance of full data recovery.

iMac 21.5″ random advertisements appearing in Safari and running very slow. Adware Medic installed and some rogue software deleted. Restart & run again all clean & good.

Mac Mini Intel completely dead. Replaced RAM, PRAM battery & tested all connections. Logic board fault diagnosed and uneconomic repair.

15″ MacBook Pro returned by Police after robbery. Damage report & quotation prepared for insurance company.

27″ iMac no power & no power light. Checked diagnostic LEDs & found no power output from PSU. Replacement power supply ordered to replace faulty power.

27″ iMac not accepting DVDs. Tried simple clean but had to replace drive.

iMac 20″ & MacBook Pro 15″ both running sluggishly. Removed and binned all  associated files for McAfee & Mac Keeper. Apple recommend NOT to use any virus protection that constantly monitors a Mac and Mac Keeper & associated files are a definite NO NO. Just make sure you keep your OS up to date with Apple’s security updates and if worried download free ClamXav fro AppStore and run once a month or when in doubt. Also checked for Adware using Adware Medic which is a really simple utility & free from adwaremedic.com.