MacBook 13.3″ white new LCD panel received and fitted to fix blank screen

iPad Mini ordered new LCD to go with new glass/digitiser & new power button

iPhone 5C replaced glass/digitiser and completed in the one day.

PowerBook diagnosed & fitted replacement power input board, faulty battery replaced and just need a replacement keyboard now

Difficulty setting up wireless printer was resolved by completing the setup using a fixed USB connection to install all drivers & updates. Then removed cables & finished wireless setup. All good.

MacBook Pro 13″ adware & virus removal completed for client using Adware Medic & ClamXav. Saved all then replaced HD with larger 1TB hard drive & transferred all client data, programs & settings to new drive.

Supplied iPad Mini refurbished plus new lighting mains cable. Found some braided lightning cables from Robert Dyas which do the job admirably and for less than £10.

MacBook Pro 15″ failed battery & failed hard drive. Replaced battery with new and removed HD to recovery station. Unable to recover any data from this drive – sent to HD laboratory who dismantled in a clean room and rebuilt so data could be saved. There was catastrophic damage to one platter of HD and this data was lost but the other 3 platters were recovered including critical data for client.

27″ iMac 2011 went from fractured screen graphics to blue or black screen. Usual signs of video card failure which costs over £400 to replace. Advised client there was a recall on this model & to take to AppleStore who would repair for free. One happy client!

20″ iMac starts up to black screen. Diagnosed failed HD. Hard drive replaced with new and new software installed. Data recovery on original successfully recovered critical data for client and migrated to new HD. OS was terminally damaged on original HD so data migration had to be done manually including repair and resetting of all file permissions.