24″ iMac to be upgraded to Mac OSX 10.9. Had to upgrade RAM to 8GB, upgrade to 10.6.8 then upgrade software so that all data could be updated ready to transfer to 10.9. Successfully installed 10.9 & migrated all data.

15″ MacBook Pro Unibody i7 upgrade RAM & replace failing HD. Permanent errors on hard drive but managed to repair temporarily and recover all data. 2 x 4G RAM fitted, new drive & data recovery completed. NB we have software to test integrity of drives in more detail than Apple’s Disk Utility. Sometimes a pass in Disk Utility does not mean the disk is OK as experienced by this client. Symptoms are slow performance and poor data transfer speeds.

iPhone 5C with food spilt on it has muffled speaker & battery needs replacing. All stripped down and chemically cleaned. New battery fitted. Sound working & battery back to normal.

Another iPad 2 dropped and glass did not serve. Replaced broken scree with new glass/digitiser.

iPad 2 dropped by client. Glass is intact but no screen. Stripped and tested LCD needed replacing.

Sold refurbished iMac 27″ including transfer of all data from old 17″ iMac running Mac OS X.4. This requires OS on original to be updated to 10.6.8 and all programs updated to run on newer OS, especially iTunes & iPhoto. Then the data can be transferred successfully.

MacBook Pro 13″ liquid damage. Stripped down to find keyboard and internals have been flooded with coffee. Requires new keyboard and possibly logic board which can be expensive! Client collected and may return.

20″ iMac not booting. HD has failed and requires extra RAM to run latest software. Client opted to buy used MacBook Unibody. Disk recovery failed in house so sent to HD laboratory for strip & rebel of drive tot recover data. Client’s back up disk was also faulty. Repaired HD & recovered all data to new drive in MacBook.

MAcBook Air restored data from back up and configured all settings for client.

15″ MacBook Pro 2007 Aluminium model not booting. Diagnosed as new logic board required and client considering options.