iPad Mini smashed glass. Removed broken glass & installed new glass/digitiser.

External hard drive failed. Stripped down and recovered all data to new external USB hard drive. Full data recovery completed successfully.

MacBook Pro 13″ not charging. Tested and found faulty AC adaptor. Replaced charger, charged up and retested – all good.

iPhone 4 glass damaged. Removed broken glass and replaced screen/digitiser. All good

Acer Aspire PC, yes we can get PCs reliably repaired too, broken cables internally from a previous bodge job. New cable fitted and internals cleaned up including solder work.

iPad 4 with broken screen. Old glass all removed and new glass/digitiser fitted.

MacBook Pro 13″ trackpad failed & HD failing. Liquid damage visible internally was all cleaned up, trackpad & HD replaced. All data recovered and new drive installed.

27″ iMac screen shading permanently to LHS and when warm across whole screen. Screen sent for desoldering to permanently fix.

MAcBook Pro 13″ has wireless dropping off frequently. Checked all internal components and HD failing. Replaced HD, installed virgin OS X and all works fine. Migrated client data and back to square one. Investigation ongoing.

iPhone 5C dropped in sink full of water. Stripped down and there is catastrophic damage to logic board. This unit is scrap.