13″ MacBook Air water damaged, liquid inside casing. Stripped all down and dried out carefully over 2 days. Cleaned any oxidation from components. Rebuilt and all good. Also increased RAM from 4 to 8GB & repaired broken keys on keyboard. MacBook Air like new again & all working.

Black MacBook client replaced HD themselves and not working, will not install OS. Reformatted new HD and set up with new OS. Failed hard drive is now working as it should

MacBook white A1181 with no backlight on LCD. The backlight is built into the LCD on this MAcBook model so LCD panel replaced and all good.

MacBook white A1181, trackpad not working. Replaced whole topcase keyboard & trackpad. All works now. Trackpad & keyboard are not individually replaceable on this model so its a whole topcase.

Adware infection iMac 21.5″. Ran Adware Medic and installed ClamXav from the AppleStore and ran over whole HD. No more viruses, trojans or adware.

Running slow MacBook Pro 13 and sometimes not booting. Removed HD & tested as faulty then died. Replaced HD, data recovery on original and transferred all client recovered data to new drive. Boots every time, running mush faster & all client data recovered

MacBook Pro with screen very loose. Diagnosed faulty hinge. Stripped & replaced hinges. Mac repair completed successfully within the day.

20” iMac brought in with failed HD. Recovered part of the data but the majority is lost with NO backup. Installed new HD with OS & transferred little recovered data. Advised client the FileVault client is not accessible and only way to get data is send to laboratory for compete dismantling in a clean room. Cost around £500 and no guarantees. Ouch – have you backed up today?

Downgrade Yosemite back to Mavericks. This is not a simple task and the only way to save your data is if you have a recent back up using Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks. Takes around a day!

Client just called and has installed Yosemite on a 6 year old Mac. Appel do NOT recommend installing Yosemite on any Macs over 2 years old. This client is fetching his MAcBook in today and all that can be done is to erase the hard disk 7 install a compatible OS for his machine.