Mac hard drive failed – drama not a crisis

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Mac hard drive failed – drama not a crisis

Appel can recovered deleted and damaged data from all Apple Mac hard disks. Data recovery is not quick and its far better to have a back up in place.


If your hard drive has failed or may be starting to fail please switch it off and get the Mac to me asap. In many instances I can recover data from damaged or failing hard drives fairly quickly using special equipment and software.

If you have accidentally deleted files and don’t have a back up get the Mac to me & don’t do any work on the machine as this overwrites some of the data on the drive & you may lose it all. Data recovery from deleted files can take a bit longer but its surprising what we can recover.

If the data recovery routines we use in house are not able to recover your data (usually because of a mechanical failure) we still have our off site laboratory. Here the drive can be dismantled in a clean room environment and faulty parts replaced.

Appel data recovery success rate is well over 90%. BUT NOT guaranteed. Regular and multiple backups are the safest way to ensure recovery of your critical data.

My own experience last year underlined this and only cost me 3/4 hours to get back to square one.

“Not the best way to start my working day – 1TB Mac data hard drive failed on my MacBook Pro. Because I back up every day not a problem.

10 minutes to replace faulty hard drive with a new one. Partitioned and ready to clone from yesterday’s backup.  Another hour or so and all will be back in position and ready for use.

If it had been the boot drive that failed, that’s not a problem either, as I can recover all from the Time Machine backup. Time Machine backs up every hour of every day to make sure all my data is safe and easily recoverable.

I use Carbon Copy Cloner to automatically backup at lunchtime every day. Purely because in the event of failure it takes me less than an hour to recover  350GB of data. Time Machine is the belt and braces in case of failure of HD between then and now!

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Original drive now being interrogated using DriveDX to establish why it failed. Report suggests overheating, that “load spin up time” is too long and “load cycle count” is indicating impending failure.

Time to bin this failing hard drive once I’m sure all the data is recovered.

This is a much better position to be in than NOT HAVING A BACKUP! Is your data backed up?”

Time Machine backups are simple and protect all your valuable data, settings, passwords, etc. Go here for instructions

Don’t end up with a bill of £200, £500 or even £1000 for specialist data recovery which can take a week to do. The inconvenience and business interruption adds even more to these costs, so BACK UP NOW!