Mac Virus, Trojan Horse & Adware. Use your OS.


Apple do NOT recommend installing ant-virus software on your Mac.

If you make sure your OS is always up to date you should be covered. The downside of most anti-virus softwares is that they all interrupt the Mac OS system applications which can cause serious slowdowns and worse.

Apple’s regular security updates protect all its users running Mac OS X 10.7, Lion, or higher. If you are on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 or lower, Apple no longer supply security updates. Talk to me about how we can upgrade your OS so that you are fully protected from Trojans & Viruses.

Adware is another matter. For Adware to have infected your Mac you have authorised its installation, usually unwittingly. Always be very wary of any instructions on screen to enter your user name & password to install a software update other than the Apple AppStore. It can be difficult (& expensive) to remove some Adware but the free AdwareMedic from does a pretty good job of clearing it out. Sometimes the adware will write files to other locations or the browser cache on your hard disk. Usually a “Clear History & Website data” from the Safari menu will fix this, if not give me a call.  NB before clearing history & website data make sure there is nothing there you are likely to need AND ALWAYS keep you Mac backed up.

Appel repair & upgrade all Apple Macs – iPhones & iPads too. And we supply software support too.