We were very grateful for the work you did on our Mac to recover our photos from our two and a half years in NZ.  We would have been devastated to have lost those memories.  iMac 20” corrupt HD – data recovery successful

Tom & Sarah, Wrexham

I have been thoroughly satisfied with the job thanks – it’s worked consistently since I got it home. My airport card was installed into my iMac with the minimum of fuss while I waited. It was set up and tested before I left and all at a fraction of the price (and turnaround time) that other companies had quoted. I would not hesitate to use Appel again.

Alison, Designer, Cheshire

I am delighted with the speed and reliability of my internet access since you replaced my comms pcb and upgraded my memory.  Having only recently moved to this area I am so pleased to have found such a friendly and reliable Apple expert (and a fraction of Apple’s pricing!).  I have been recommending you to all Mac owners I know. Thanks for all your help, excellent service.  MacBook wireless card replacement

Sue, Shrewsbury

A big thank you to Appel for a very fast and economic repair on my iMac when they replaced the failed hard drive. Great friendly service and advice means I would recommend Appel every time.  Intel iMac 20” new 320G HD

Peter, Walsall, West Midlands

I wouldn’t go anywhere else and nobody is allowed to touch my Macs except you.  PowerMac G5 overhaul.

Mark, Printer, Telford, Shropshire

The repair to my son’s Mac that you did was so quick, it was really good customer service, especially meeting me at your offices out of hours to collect and deliver the Mac. Any Mac problems and I’ll be calling you without hesitation, an excellent service at a very fair price, thank you.  Black MacBook faulty HD and memory issues

Phil, Telford, Shropshire

I was very happy that you managed to breathe more life into my powerbook & also make it look pretty again!

Andrew, Designer, Telford, Shropshire

Your service was fast, friendly and efficient. You can’t ask for better than for a problem to be 100% resolved the same day.  New PSU fitted iMac

Paul, Marketing, Telford, Shropshire

Does what it says on the box… no nonsense, no shocks, just honest Mac repairs. Everyone should have an Appel!  New fan fitted to MacBook Pro

Andrew, Shrewsbury

I was amazed how quickly my problem on my Macbook was sorted. It has been working perfectly since. The staff were so friendly and helpful.  Replaced DC in port on MacBook

Margaret, Cannock, Staffs