Mac slow since OS upgrade. An SSD will be the solution

SSD is 10 to 28x faster than an HD for many applications.

It starts up faster, closes down faster and moves data faster. Added to which thee are NO moving parts – so less chance of a head crash wiping all your data. I’ve been running a main drive SSD for over 2 years now and the time saved is immense, as well as the frustration avoided over long waiting times.

They’re also much cheaper now. We can install a 240GB SSD & replace your main HD in most Apple computers for £199. This includes data backup & restore and a new OS too.

The latest Apple operating system uses lots of RAM, or virtual RAM by accessing the HD for temporary files. It makes sense to max out the RAM on your Mac at the same time as installing an SSD to get the optimum. I recommend all users have at least 8GB installed to run El Capitan but am finding the newer machines we are refurbishing are happy to run in 4 GB as long as there’s a fast SSD to support it. 8GB is ideal but you can get away with 4 with an SSD. I know there will be those of you running Yosemite on an older Mac with only 4G & an HD, but don’t you get tired of waiting?